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Henning – Safety Made in Germany
In the first quarter of 2021, we were able to successfully certify the next, larger models of the LP 50 buffer series in cooperation with the Liftinstituut and MFM Roßwein. Our thanks go also to our partners for the close, successful cooperation, which worked smoothly despite the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic. With the new models LP 50 x 1150 for up to 4.1 m/s nominal speed and LP 50 x 1760 for up to 5.1 m/s nominal speed, Henning buffers now cover an even larger range of applications. Special versions with low-temperature oil, biodegradable oil or flame-retardant oil are also available on request.
Cancellation Schwelmer Symposium 2021
The global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a tremendous impact on our society and our interactions in 2020. In order to continue to contain the spreading of the virus, we must largely restrict our social contacts and gatherings of people in greater numbers are prohibited.
For this reason, it was clear to the Advisory Board that the Schwelmer Symposium could not physically take place in 2021 either. 
For a short time, it was considered to hold an online symposium in 2021.
However, there is no question that the event is characterised by the lively interaction in the exhibitor room and the face to face discussions, stimulated by informative presentations.
For these reasons, we have decided to cancel the event in 2021 as well.
In the hope that we will be able to resume our tradition in 2022, we wish you all the best until then and stay healthy.
Distributor Denmark
We have just partnered with a new distributor in Denmark. It is therefore a great pleasure that JT LIFTING will henceforth be responsible for the sale of our overall product portfolio. JT LIFTING already has a good knowledge of the industry and will therefore be able to increase awareness of our many products.
JT LIFTING will in future provide offers, information and services to customers in Denmark. For more information, please contact JT LIFTING,att.: John Sejling at tel. +45 31112119. You will be contacted directly by our new partner as soon as possible for further information.
Vertriebspartner Österreich
Die Henning GmbH & Co. KG hat mit der österreichischen Variotech GmbH eine Vertriebskooperation für Österreich abgeschlossen, welche ab 1.10.2020 gültig ist.
Die Variotech GmbH ist für hochwertige Elektronik, Software und Sicherheits-Lösungen im Aufzugsbereich bekannt und somit ein idealer Partner für den Vertrieb und den first-level Support unserer Produkte.
Das mittelständische Unternehmen, mit Hauptsitz in Gänserndorf wurde vor über 20 Jahren gegründet und genießt innerhalb der Aufzugbranche einen exzellenten Ruf.
Variotech ist als Distributor nun in der Lage Kunden in Österreich mit unseren Produkten zu beliefern und den first-level Support zu
übernehmen. Diese Win-Win Situation ermöglicht es, die Marktpräsenz unserer Produkte in Österreich weiter auszubauen.
Beide Unternehmen blicken der partnerschaftlichen Zusammenarbeit sehr zuversichtlich entgegen.
Setting assistant for the lift system with automatic evaluation of measurements
The RIDEanalyzer is a novel measuring unit with an intuitive operating concept allowing lift rides to be measured an analysed in a comfortable and fast manner.
The easy-to-use unit combines measuring sensors and evaluation unit in one robust plastic casing. There is no need for a connection to a laptop or an external evaluation unit.

WEARwatcher - Lifting Elevators into the Cloud!
The WEARwatcher is an acceleration measurement device with integrated analyzing unit. It monitors the most important elevator components.
Problems and abnormalities are detected before the elevator system is being influenced.
Im Auftrag des Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft
Innovative Instandhaltung - Konzepte und Visionen am Beispiel von Aufzügen
Ein Interview der Mittelstand 4.0 Agentur Prozesse mit Tim Ebeling (Geschäftsführer der Henning GmbH & Co. KG)
Die digitale Transformation ist längst in voller Fahrt - auch und gerade im Mittelstand...

Price increase avoided - New functions included
The market for electronic components has been in a state of flux for more than a year now. Because of the strength of the US Dollar and nearly doubled prices for copper, the production cost of electronics have risen steeply. We have almost completely absorbed these price increases in the past, but the current price developements make it impossible to maintain this practice. Nevertheless, as we do not want to burden our customers with higher prices we have found the following solution:
The AElight series will replace the previous overload evaluation units AE16 and AE8. Thanks to a modular design, we will be able to benefit in the future from a common-parts strategy and will pass these savings completely on to our customers.
Our Donut Load Sensors - suitable for all types of suspension means
The donut load sensors were developed taking into account the ever decreasing space at elevators. The sensor is mounted together with elastomer-buffers or the compression springs at the rope suspension (dead center) and is therefore also suitable for very small shaftheads. There is no difference between steel ropes or belts, as both utilize mechanically similar suspension types.
The sensor is able be determined the loads of each individual support mean precisely, a calibration with weights is not necessary. 

WeightWatcher BEAM 
Besonderer Wert wurde dabei auf Montagefreundlichkeit und dem Wunsch vieler Kunden nach einem preisgünstigen, aber dennoch hochwertigen Überlast-Messsystem gelegt, das die Anforderungen der EN 81 erfüllt.
Der WeightWatcher Beam sind daher besonders handlich. Dies macht die Montage bei vielen Einbausituationen möglich.
Auch eng geführte Seile oder niedrige Schachtköpfe stellen kein Problem dar.

Complete Flatlight LED panels

Easy And Quick Installation! Mounted by one person.

Henning LED Lights

Easy And Quick Installation! No need to order pre-cut cables. (one cable is sufficient for all spots, easy tapping at any point by IDC-terminals).

CNC Fertigung
Unsere Lohnfertigung hat eine neue Internetpräsenz unter bekommen. Benutzen Sie bitte den folgenden Link. 

Save 300€ of energy consumption costs or more per year.