1. Anwendertreffen LiftPC mobile Diagnose

1. Meeting of LiftPC mobile Diagnose users

31.03.2009 Schwelm


In 2002 Henning GmbH developed the LiftPC mobile Diagnose, a system employed for measuring the ride quality and ride comfort. On 31.03.2009 Henning invited the users of LiftPC mobile Diagnose to the Hotel „Haus Friedrichsbad“ in Schwelm  for an exchange of their experiences made with the use of the complex measuring device and to announce the innovations of the LiftPC mobile Diagnose software 4.06.

The event started precisely at 9.45 h. After a short introduction by Mr. Henning, Mr. Ebeling (Henning GmbH) vividly presented to the 35 users the innovations of the software of the LiftPC mobile Diagnose and the benefits of using the system in combination with a mobile rope load measuring device.

The quality of the interaction of design, subsystem, component and assembly are decisive factors affecting the ride quality of an elevator system. Using examples of the daily practise , Mr. Nees (elevators – systems + consultation) showed the possibilities of using the mobile Diagnose unit in the elevator system to analyze and assess disturbances. And in view of the standard VDI 4707 (energy efficiency) the ride quality and the components used also affect the energy demand of an elevator system. What is it that can be analyzed on the basis of a vibration measurement? Apart from the mechanical vibration acceleration such as the true running of traction sheave and pulley guides, the condition of the slide guide, the vibrations of the suspension means, the deflection of the guide rails, the problems encountered when the force is transmitted between the motor and gearbox, etc., also the interaction between the drive and frequency converter can be assessed. Changes of the period of oscillation of the pulse-width modulation by disturbances as well as changes of the inductivity in the drive can be recognized. In combination with the mobile load measuring system MSM12 it is for example also possible to safely recognize problems with different rope tensions in the set of ropes across the lifting height.

After a lengthy lunch break offering a lot of opportunities for discussions a paper was presented by Yvan Kurzo, Ride Quality Manager High Speed of Schindler Elevator Ltd., Department of Research & Development. The paper went into the quality management system and assessment possibilities of ride quality measurements carried out on elevator systems. It was impressive to see how Schindler Ltd is already able to demonstrate practical applications of modern diagnostic tools. A special focus is on a worldwide linked database not only allowing an extremely uncluttered access to be made to the measuring results, the actual measurements, the relevant technical data but also a lot of knowledge to be collected.

All in all it was a very successful event and Messrs. Henning are planning another user’s meeting in 2 years time.