Calibration And Repair
Given that one of your measuring unitsmake Henning needs to be calibrated or repaired, we are prepared to do that for you in workmanlike manner and at short term.
Simply make use of our return service (within Germany):
  1. The gadgets will be collected by us (with costs).
  2. You will be given a quotation.
  3. Your units will be calibrated resp. repaired.
  4. You will get your units back properly and at short term.
Just fill out the following form. We will charge TNT with the collection of the units at your premises, the address of which please state at the bottom of this form.
Please have the units properly packed in a cardboard box.
Provided that we receive your return order before 12:00 h, we will collect the units during the course of the next day.
You will be given a written quotation, before we start calibrating resp. repairing your returned units.
Designation of units:
No. of units Pcs. (incl. sensors)
Action:  Calibration Repair
Collection date: (DD.MM.YYYY)
Consignment consisting of Parcel(s)
Describtion of malfunction