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ELVI ELVI 2.0 - Elevator Testing

The ELVI System permits the testing of
in case of rope elevators:
■ elevator car safeties
■ half-load balancing
■ traction force
■ maschine brake
■ rope brake
■ rail brake
■ oilhydraulic buffers
in case of hydraulically driven elevators:
■ pressure-limiting switch
■ safety value
■ hand pump
■ lowering prevention
■ line-brake value
■ throttle check value
■ pipe-break safety divice
■ pressure resistance
zim_en.pngwithout the use of weights or a complicated intervention in the elevator mechanics and electronics.
This is based on the one hand on the unique Henning procedures for the testing of elevators and on the other hand the intelligent acceleration sensor, the hydraulic sensor HS1 and the unique Henning rope load sensors.
The ELVI System of Henning GmbH & Co. KG exhibits all features to fulfil these requirements by finding and realizing new ideas, patents and procedures which are widely accepted throughout the business.

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