Henning Elevator Buffer Type LP / HSAP - Made in Germany!

Modern design, excellent damping characteristics, safe and reliable for today’s elevator.
All buffers are compliant with LD 2014/33/EC since 1st January 2016.
Henning Buffer in Elevators
Liftpuffer_kl.jpgHenning buffers minimize and prevent the risk of injury or death in the event of an uncontrolled car movement into the pit.
There are numerous safety components to bring the elevator to a halt in case of danger. If these components fail or their operation is delayed, a crash may be unavoidable. In this case, the buffer will serve as the final instance to absorb the force generated upon impact in order to avoid serious injuries and damage.
The buffer has to be installed at the bottom of the elevator shaft below the car floor. Installation below the counterweights is possible without any problems.
Long term experience and many practical applications have enabled us to continuously improve and optimize the tried and tested technology of our lift buffers.
Development and Recertification
puffer_messung.jpgDuring the course of the conversion of all hydraulic buffers to the new Lift Directive AR 2014/33 / EU our entire range of lift buffers has been technically optimized and improved.
One result of these improvements is the introduction of the new buffer LP 40x430, which represents an ideal addition to the existing program of the series LP40 and provides a convenient transition to the larger buffers of the type LP50. Simultaneously, the maximum loads were increased significantly while maintaining maximum speed of the car or the counterweight at the same time.
The standard program was expanded by the addition of a low-temperature version suitable for temperatures from -20 C to + 40 C with type examination certificate. This completes our buffer portfolio providing a solution for almost every application.
All Henning buffers already comply since 1st January 2016 to the lift directive LD 2014/33/EC, valid from April 20th 2016, which has been confirmed and authenticated by the successful examination and certification by a renowned institute.