Kinderarmut bewegt Dirk Henning

Child poverty troubles Dirk Henning

excerpt from the Westfälische Rundschau 26.03.2008


Schwelm. (boe) "I fall on sympathetic ears wherever I go". Dirk Henning would like to set an example. The child poverty issue is troubling the businessman from the Loher Straße in Schwelm. When on April 9. ...

... business acquaintance Peter Erdmann with his motorcycle is stopping off in Schwelm and is reporting on the Berlin Ark, Dirk Henning is inviting to take part in a panel discussion. "We would like to use this issue to enlighten our situation in Schwelm and in the southern Ennepe-Ruhr district", the businessman outlines. And the proper support he has found in no time at all. Prompted by the work of the Berlin Ark which has already established its facilities in some of the city’s hot spots, Dirk Henning would like to draw attention to the special situation of children in our society. They are in need of our special care and protection", Dirk Henning explains in the interview with the WR.

When Peter Erdmann reports about the work of the Berlin Ark, also a number of local experts is listening which give an account on the situation of the children in the southern district. The public is particularly welcome to attend this exchange of ideas. And with good reason. Every year the Child Protection Agency is drawing attention to the rising number of children living in poverty. On Children’s Day several hundreds of blue pennants stand in place of the situation of the children in our cities.

The work of the Berlin Ark was the incentive

The work of the Berlin Ark was the incentive for Dirk Henning’s undertakings. He was impressed by the initiative of the Berlin priest Siggelkow who in an interview declared that the children did not have to pray in his ark. "What the kids really need is love". And Siggelkow knows what he is talking about. The Protestant priest is a father of six children.

In his facilities Bernd Siggelkow has built a second home for the kids. The first ark was established in the problematic district of Berlin Hellersdorf.

For the young people a long since accepted offer of affection and community.

The "ark" mainly lives on donations. Prominent sportsmen like the soccer player Pablo Thiam are part of the circle of sponsors, a circle that has to become bigger and bigger as Dirk Henning hopes.

The government noticeably lacks funds whereas the number of children living in poverty is increasing.

A problem which will be addressed on April 9 at the venue of the Stadtsparkasse Schwelm. The organizer Dirk Henning hopes that as much interested parties as possible will attend the discussion for the sake of the children which – in view of the rising number of social problems – are in urgent need of an ark.

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