LED Beleuchtungsprogramm

Innovations in LED lighting for lifts


In recent years the clear advantages of LED technology have led to an increasing number of lift cabins in the new systems and modernisation sector being equipped with LED spots and since a relatively short time ago with LED panels too.

At the beginning it was above all standard lighting from building supply stores and wholesalers which was used. This was replaced by new developments, adapted to the special requirements of lift construction, such as emergency light function, protection against vandals, etc.

As a result of the frequent use of LED technology in lift building many improvements and constructive criticism of existing LED systems for lift construction have of course arisen, which (formulated negatively) can be summarised in the points below:

  reduced operating life of the spotlights as a result of thermal overloading

  despite “warm” light colours, unpleasant overall impression of LED lighting by many people as a result of uneven or punctiform light distribution in the cabin

  very high cabling and production effort, especially given simultaneous use of the spotlights as emergency lighting

  difficult or sometimes impossible installation situation as a result of installation depths

Henning GmbH from Schwelm (Germany) took this improvement potential as an occasion to develop several new product lines for cabin lighting with LEDs, which can claim considerable advantages especially with respect to the above-mentioned points.


Reduced thermal loading


Henning GmbH has integrated the latest LED technology in all new products from the start. LED manufacturers have recently been able to make enormous progress, particularly in the field of energy efficiency.  As a result, less energy is released in the form of heat. Since in addition in developing the boards a great deal of attention has been paid to efficient to current regulators and good heat dissipation in the housing, none of the LED products are restricted on account of high thermal overloading in their operating life, even if a minimum of heat dissipation capacity (metal cover and/or corresponding ventilation) exists. These light panels, available in various sizes from 300 x 300 mm to 1200 x 600 mm, make a convincing impression as a result of the likewise very homogeneous and bright illuminated area and wide radiation angle. They can be deployed both as attachment as well as built-in version with and without frame. Like the LED spotlights, the panels can also be designed in various protection classes and in both vandal-proof categories according to EN 81-71.


Pleasant light impression


Nevertheless many lift builders criticise the unpleasant light impression in cabins lit by LEDs. What is decisive in this respect is the radiation angle of the LED lighting. If it is too low, one only achieves uneven light distribution in the cabin. As a result, extremely bright and relatively dark areas are created, with the former causing the unpleasant overall impression mentioned. This is why all of the new product lines of Henning GmbH have a minimum radiation angle of 120, which can be extended to 160. The LED flat light spots have another special feature: flat LEDs with a homogeneous light surface have been used. As a result, the light illuminating the cabin can be generated on a large surface instead of in a few high output LEDs, which would appear as glaring light points.



Low assembly and production effort


All products have a plug-in technology, permitting effortless installation and also exchange. The spotlights can all be assembled from the cabin-side (only assembly of the additional theft protection must necessarily occur from above).

A special highlight in this connection is the product line of the high quality “LED Spot d77”. These spotlights do not require prior line provision. All spotlights are attached on just one line at any position using a cut-and-clamp method. As a result, a customised solution is possible for every cabin, without having to consider line lengths, etc in advance. Emergency light operation is even possible via the twin-core line which provides all spotlights connected with the light output required and implements the emergency lighting of the cabin for several hours.


Products for every installation situation


Apart from the electronic innovations, it has also been possible to go new ways in mechanical respects and develop interesting solutions. For example, several LED spotlight product lines only require an installation depth of 17 mm, permitting ideal installation in almost any cabin roof. Even the LED flat light panel installation version manages with an installation depth of just 26 mm.

Various attachment versions of the LED spotlights permit when modernising using any existing break-throughs with a diameter between 12 and 68 mm.

The installation of new vestibule lighting is also greatly simplified by newly developed magnetic catch holders, without this disrupting the optical style with visible screws, while still making allowance for theft protection.