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q90 weiß LED-Flatlight-Spot q90 white daylight

- Solid metal enclosure, surface designstinless steel finish grinding, white fine structure oder gold
- 2 W homogenous LED lighting area without dazzling light spots
- Limited resistance to scratching, impact and fire thanks to a 3 mm thick glass guard, sand blasted
- Protect against theft by a newly developed fitting holder with hidden hexagon socket screws in the frame
- Connection cable plug-and-socket system including 1.7 m intermediate cable
- Lamps and spots are replaceable ont he cab end
- Fitting in standart 80 mm dia. holes
suitable up to 86 mm dia.
- Only 17 mm mounting depth
Required number of lamps conform to EN81-1/2
2 natural spots uo to 1 m for stainless steel cabs
and longest side 1 m, ceiling height up to 2.2 m
4 spots / 1.5 m
6 spots / 2.0 m
With the LED flatlight series you can achieve energy efficiency class A for your lift system.

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