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d77 edelstahl LED-Spot d77 stainless steel

Lighting angle: 120 LED_rueck1.jpg
Number of LEDs: 5
Installation diameter: 56 mm
External diameter: 77 mm
Installation depth: 38 mm
Power: 6,5 W Standard operation
1,3 W Emergency lighting
Light temperature: nature white, 4000 K LED_rueck2.jpg
Light intensity: > 360 lm Standard operation
> 72 lm Emergency lighting
Hood: glass
Protection class: IP 54 on visible side
reverse voltage protection
Built-in current-control
Protected against polarity reversal
Easy wiring (one cable for up to 12 spots)
Pre-wired, spots to be tapped to either point of the supply cable
No additional or divergent wiring of the emergency lighting
Rigid standard design
Dimming function
vandal-resistant design, category 2 DIN EN 81-71
einbau_1.gif IDC-terminals enable easy tapping at any point of the supply cable.
einbau_2.gif LED spots are plugged directly to the IDC-terminals.
einbau_3.gif Individual solution for each cabin without pre-assembly and commissioning and with little time-expenditure for wiring.

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With built-in emergency-lighting function!

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