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LIGHTwatcher LIGHTwatcher 230V

Save 300 € of energy consumption costs* or more per year by applying the new LIGHTwatcher. More than 40% of the overall energy consumption of lifts is wasted by stand-by functions, whereof one third is for cabin lighting.
* 150W halogen lighting with an energy-price of 0,24 €/KWh.
  • Quick installation in the lighting branch circuit, no additional sensors or communication with the lift control required.
  • Recognition of car and door movements by acceleration-sensor system
    (patent pending).
  • Adjustable period of time until the cabin lighting is switched off.
  • 3 inputs for optional sensors or control information.
  • 2 additional operating outputs for supplementary electric consumers.

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Installationkit with most needed accessories
Easy And Quick Installation Within A Few Minutes!
No need to order pre-assembled cables (one cable is suffi cient for all spots, easy tapping at any point by IDC-terminals).

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