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Landing Lighting

Henning GmbH has integrated the latest LED technology in all new products from the start. LED manufacturers have recently been able to make enormous progress, particularly in the field of energy efficiency. As a result, less energy is released in the form of heat. Since in addition in developing the boards a great deal of attention has been paid to efficient to current regulators and good heat dissipation in the housing, none of the LED products are restricted on account of high thermal overloading in their operating life, even if a minimum of heat dissipation capacity (metal cover and/ or corresponding ventilation) exists.

Exclusively designed stainless steel enclosure
LED Lichtauge
Luminary only 46 mm in dia. with magnetic lock retainer without visible screws, extremely well protected against theft
0.8 W/10-24 V
LED Zargenlampe
Elegant and filigreedesign, bright, warm light > 120 lux on the floor