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Lift Informations System Lift-Informations-System

By direct networking with the lift control, useful information regarding position indicator, destination floor, following calls, travel direction etc. can be displayed for the passenger, but can also be used as input interface for calls within and outside the car.


In the guidance control centre and/or at any other places, a LIS server will be installed which is networked via Ethernet with the LIS clients in and in front of the lifts and with as many other clients in the building as required. Every LIS client consists of a high-performance panel PC which in turn is linked via a CAN-bus either directly with up-to-date lift controls or via IO devices with conventional lift controls.


The configuration of the clients is effected via the LIS server. The server does not require an online access for the standard operating. The clients work entirely autarkic after having effected the configuration.


The LIS system has been developed in cooperation with the company SCHAEFER GmbH.

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