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Ölpumpen Oil pumps

Operation of the metering oil pump:
The flanged electromotor drivers the rotating cylinder. The pistons acting in this cylinder, are contionously pressed against thrust ball bearing by means of springs. The Bearing is situated on a spherial segment. The inclination of this segment- due to the actionb of control spindle- causes a stroke of the pistons at every revolution. This stroke determines proportionally the pumping quantity. The rotating cylinder with its planly lapped running an bearing surface is pressed by saucer springs against the bearing surface of the connecting flange which is equipped with pressing and induction ports. The spaces between the induction and pressing ports lead to a slide valve gearing. The pump operates without valves. The moving parts of the pump are lubricated by the pumping medium. An end stuffing box seals the electromotor vis-a-vis the pumping medium. As alternative, we have developed a control head with a displacing free of wearing an backlash. We call this new type of the pumps €œType5€. The spherical segment is controlled from outside. This excludes all kind of backlash. There is no wearing due to ball-bearing type. The problem of the small swing angle has been solved by backlash-free lever rod from the actuator to the pumps. If several pumps are controlled bye one actuator, the lever rod is connected to the hitherto used displacement shaft. This type is also available with manual displacement.
The constructional character of this metering oil pump is the continous adjustment of pumping medium. The pumping and adjusting characteristic is linear. According to the number of connections, the metering oil pump is constructed with 3 to 12 plunger pistons. Due to the number of pistons strokes, there is regular pumping quantity. The pump is suitable for all heating fuel oils for a temperature up to 130 degree C and 3 degree E and other self-lubricating media. In order to peotect the pump, an appropriate oil-filter is to be mounted at the pump orifice.
Manuel, electro-mechanical or pneumatical adjustment.
Metering pumps with several connections assure a synchronous and regular supply of several burners. The metering oil pumps may not be operated against a closed line. A overflow valve developed by us, should be installed into the pressure into pressure pipe to avoid dammage of the pump.

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