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§ Achsen RIDEwatcher Optional X- and Y-Axes for RIDEwatcher

RIDEWatcher is a measuring instrument with an intuitive operating concept for easy and fast measurements and analysis of the elevator ride. This handy device combines a vertical accelerometer and an evaluation unit in one robust plastic housing. It is the ideal tool for a time saving setting up of new installations; for inspecting the driving characteristics, for verification of installations and for troubleshooting.
RIDEWatcher may be upgraded with additional horizontal acceleration sensors, enabling it to measure acceleration in all directions.
If the measuring results are transferred to the corresponding PC software, the curves of the X- and Y-axes will be available and can be evaluated.
The PC software automatically performs a vibration analysis on the horizontal axis and shows it in the accompanying report.
Technical Data
  • Additional Measuring Axes: X, Y
  • Measuring Range: +- 1,0 g
  • Bandwidth: 50 Hz
  • Resolution: 1 mg
  • Temperature Range: 0 - 60 C

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