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RIDEanalyzer RIDEanalyzer - The multimeter for ride profiles

Setting assistant for the lift system with automatic evaluation of measurements
The RIDEanalyzer is a novel measuring unit with an intuitive operating concept allowing lift rides to be measured an analysed in a comfortable and fast manner.
The easy-to-use unit combines measuring sensors and evaluation unit in one robust plastic casing. There is no need for a connection to a laptop or an external evaluation unit.
Thanks to the automatic evaluation of the measurements it is possible to use the unit without any lenghty training / instruction and the information needed to adjust or troubleshoot the lift system is supplied very fast and at low cost.
This makes the RIDEanalyzer extremly useful for fitters, planners and experts. It is the ideal tool for a time-saving adjustment of new systems to check the ride characteristics and the installation and to pinpoint any malfunctions.
Measurement features:
  • Acceleration and deceleration behaviour in X,Y,Z axis acc. ISO 18738
  • Jerks and vibrations of the lift car
  • Measurement of the ride profile (e.g. ride at creepingspeed)
Evaluation features:
  • Documents speed, acceleration, deceleration, jerk on the spot
  • Automatic evaluation of measurements
  • Provides information on the location inside the shaft where a malfunction occurs
  • Adjustment of individual limit values for each type of lift
  • Makes out a report
  • Stores measurements in a database

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