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Railmaster Rail-Master DJ-A (Set)

The rail-master DJ-A laser calibrator for the installation of guide rails is a portable laser-measuring instrument for high-precision assembly and testing of elevator guide rails. The Rail-Master is a useful tool for elevator assembly, maintenance and testing. It is easy to use and increases the working efficiency.
It utilizes laser beams which run exactly parallel to the rails for orientation, and thus replaces traditional methods at an affordable price. The instrument is easy to handle, saves labor and time, and thus increases the working efficiency.
The high accuracy assures the quality of the installation. It is a lightweight, portable instrument, the right tool for assembly, modernization and testing.
  • For easy, fast and cost-effective installation
  • For measuring the co-planitarity of the rails
    (parallelism on the same plane) 
  • Doubles as device for determining the bore-hole gauge with steel tape
  • Amazing value
  • Comes well protected in handy carrying case

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