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Prolink Safeline ProLink

With SafeLine ProLink it is possible to configure all of your SafeLine emergency telephones having needing to leave the office. Install the SafeLine Pro software on your computer; connect the ProLink modem to your computer and a telephone line and you are ready to configure your SafeLine emergency telephones with a simple telephone call.
SafeLine ProLink uses the patented 3FSK signalling method that ensures safe communication during configuration. Normal DTMF tones can cause problems when calling and configures emergency telephones with GSM interface; with 3FSK this problem is eliminated.
SafeLine ProLink is ideal when you need to reconfigure numerous SafeLine emergency telephones (e.g. with a new telephone number), or if you only want designated personnel to carry out the configuration of your emergency telephones.
(Please notice that all emergency telephones to be configured via SafeLine ProLink must feature firmware version 2.01 or later)
● Configure all your SafeLine lift emergency telephones from the office
● Reconfiguration of all your SafeLine lift emergency telephones without the need
 to visit all locations.
● Configuration of lift emergency telephones in plain text.

● Remote configuration of SafeLine lift emergency telephones
● Remote verification of configuration
● Remote initiation of simulated alarm calls
● Patented 3FSK communication method
Included in package:
● SafeLine ProLink modem
● Serial RS-232 cable
● Telephone cable for connection to telephone line (PSTN)
● 230 VAC connection
● SafeLine ProLink software on CD- ROM (also available for free  download at our webpage)

Required equipment not included:
● PC - minimum requirements
● OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
● CPU: 1.0 GHz or faster
● RAM: 500 MB
● Hard Disk: minimum 10 MB free disk space
● Monitor resolution: 1024x768 or higher
● Serial ports: 1 COM port or USB to serial adapter
● PSTN telephone line

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