Software Henning Sensor Suite V 1.49 released

The Henning Sensor Suite is a complete solution for the control, data management and data evaluation of our measuring devices. The design was greatly influenced by user input, making it possible to provide you with a particularly user-friendly solution.
The software-suite replaces the PC-software for LiftPC, the mobile diagnosis as well as for the rope load meter MSM12.
The Henning Sensor Suite (HSS) has been newly conceived from scratch. Time-consuming processes have been sped up, the graphical representations and user interactions are intuitive and the software solution works on all operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10.
img2.jpgThe HSS supports each of our latest sensor generation of accelerometers QS3 and load measuring devices MSM12. In addition, a plug-in has been created in cooperation with our subsidiary Henning Testing Systems GmbH to incorporate the new elevator testing system ELVI 2.0. Thanks to the use of USB ports which operate as so-called human interface devices, possible costly installation of special drivers are avoided; the devices are being managed by the already available Windows drivers instead.
The Henning Sensor Suite also ensures that the latest firmware for the sensors is provided via an integrated update functionality, which may be utilized by the user himself, eliminating extra cost in of transportation back and forth as well as for associated vendor services. Similarly, the user may activate optional special functions himself, thereby meeting short-term needs and requirements.
The display of acceleration data and related analysis according to ISO 18738 has been completely revised. The screen now is divided into four separate graphs and thereby significantly clearer compared to the previous version. The new depiction facilitates the move of users of market monitoring Elevator Ride Quality systems  to the HSS.
The individual graphs enable the user through new zoom and move tools simple and fast operation by means of the mouse. Context menus and dialogs are to be used in exceptional circumstances only in order to change basic display options. The operation of the frequency analysis, one of the most powerful tools to solve problems in elevator systems, has also been simplified. An integrated frequency converter dynamically determines any spurious frequencies and thus helps with error analysis.
Numerous improvements of the data analysis for the Load Meter MSM 12 were implemented in the HSS. The report functions have been completely revised and are provided in a new design.
A new feature was created specifically to prevent the rope-wear on lift installations. Especially in multiple suspended elevator systems with relatively thin or plastic covered ropes, the rope tension of the individual ropes changes constantly during travel. This means, setting the rope tensions in a wear-reducing fashion is hardly possible: If the rope tensions have been adjusted in the lowest landing, they may be way off in the top landing and vice versa. A solution to this problem is only possible if the rope tension profile can be measured and evaluated during the drive. That is why we created the optional module "Curve Storage" for the evaluation unit MSM12. If it is installed on the device, the rope tension can be measured on the drive and then displayed and evaluated in the Henning Sensor Suite. As a result, the user receives the optimal rope tension values, which, when executed, guarantee the smallest possible wear of the ropes caused by the individual cable tensions.
Another new feature is the integrated monitoring of measuring devices. The HSS automatically detects which sensors are currently used and stores the data in a database. Their contents can be viewed comfortably within the HSS giving information about the current calibration status of each part of the measuring equipment.
We are, of course, very interested in our users views - only for them we have created the Henning Sensor Suite. We appreciate any feedback and suggestions for new features.