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Vibrationsanalyse Vibration analysis AddOn

For evaluation of vibration measurement data, which were measured with an appropriately activated sensor QS3.
The vibration analysis listens into the machine. Each component vibrates differently and produces a characteristic sound that leaves a typical fingerprint in the form of a line pattern in the spectrum. If there is a problem, a pattern emerges from the background noise. The specialist recognizes, whether it is for example an imbalance, a misalignment or damaged bearing. In addition to an unerring diagnosis one usually also can tell if urgent action is required or if the problem can be left until the next scheduled revision.
The advantages for operators and maintenance personnel are obvious:
  • Identification of machine defects
  • Information on causes
  • Location of the relevant components
  • Minimizing of parts inventory
Specifically, the A95, and PktoPk 0toPk characteristics are beeing determined in the three spacial directions according to ISO18738 and the three highest frequencies in the three directions of acceleration are beeing determined.
Furthermore, the function of a square-cepstrum is included.
Requires a system LiftPC mobile diagnosis (Item No. 450005)
Delivery in the form of a license file for the sensor QS3.

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LiftPC Mobile Diagnosis is a powerful measuring system of modular structure for mobile and flexible measurement of per-formance and ride quality of lifts.
Sie können unsere LiftPC mobile Diagnose QS2 auch gerne tageweise mieten.
For ISO 18738 compliant measurements with the accelerometer QS3
For evaluation of vibration measurement data, which have been obtained with an appropriately activated sensor QS3 ISO 18738 Part 2 to determine the ride quality of escalators and moving walkways. 

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