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Erweiterungsmodul für die Anbindung des Beschleunigungssensors QS2 über Bluetooth
LiftPC mobile Diagnose
LiftPC Mobile Diagnosis is a powerful measuring system of modular structure for mobile and flexible measurement of per-formance and ride quality of lifts.
Seilsensor LSM1
Mobile rope load sensor for diameters 6 mm - 16 mm
Seillast-Sensor LS1
Rope load sensor for diameters from 6 mm up to 16 mm
Nedo mEssfix Teleskopmessstab
Nedo mEssfix ist der zigtausendfach bewährte Teleskopmessstab zum Messen lichter Maße.
For elevators with a rated speed of up to 1.3 m/s according toEN-81-20:2014, EN-81-50:2014 5.5, EN 81-1:1998+A3:2009, EN 81-2:1998+A3:2009 and therefore can be universally used for all applications in the construction of elevators. The design type approval permits the use in passenger and freight elevators both under the elevator car and under the counter weight.
The buffer will be in conformity with LD 2014/33/EU  (valid from 20th April 2016) from 1st January 2016 
Overload controller unit for up to 12 load-sensors